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13-14 MARZO 2024


-Tuesday 12th - unofficial training (program) - online TC meeting 6.30 PM
- Wednesday 13th - FIS race 1 
- Thursday 14th - 
FIS race 2

Entry fee FIS races:
- € 130,00 two days of races fees, lifts ticket included
prezzo per due giorni di gara, compreso di skipass e iscrizioni

- € 80,00 one race fee + lifts ticket
prezzo per un giorno di gara, compreso di skipass e iscrizione

Unofficial training  day:
To partecipate please include the day in the lift ticket form, training fee included lift ticket is €45,00, for coaches same as race day
Lifts tickets:
Coach and staff lifts tickets per day - € 30,00
It's mandatory to fill the lifts tickets form and send it to 2 days before the arrival day
è obbligatorio compilare il modulo per gli skipass (un solo modulo per team) e mandarlo a entro 2 giorni prima dell'arrivo previsto
all the entry fees and staff tickets must be paid at the race office by card or cash or on-line (
Insert your country, name of the team, number of athletes, number of staff memebers and dates of the competitions) at last at 7.00 PM of two days before the races.
Race office
Race office location will be defined soon

Deposit for bibs:
a deposit of €50,00 is mandatory at the bips pick-up

Entry to:
Deadline: 08/03/2024  1:00 P.M.
For better flow of informations please join whatsapp group at this link:
Cervino tour
ism management
+39 0166940986


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